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Welcome to Stockholm!                                                                              11th – 16th July 2011

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Provisional Key Dates:

Abstract Submission Deadline: 29th January 2010

Hot Topic Abstract submission deadline:  Friday 30th April 2010

Early Registration Deadline:  Friday 26th March 2010

Pre-congress registration Deadline:  Friday 25th June 2010

International Congress on Obesity:  11th-16th July 2010


Dear Colleagues

On behalf of the Organising Committee it is a great pleasure for me, as President of the 11th International Congress, to welcome you to Stockholm in July 2010.

Obesity research is expanding and in its broadest sense comprises numerous aspects of science, from molecular biology to sociology, from genetics to behavioral modification technology. The exploding global obesity epidemic has made research in this area of the utmost importance to society, and at every International Congress on Obesity to date, break through scientific news has been presented, highlighting just how dramatically the research in this field is moving forward.

Stockholm at the time of the congress will be beautiful - the sun shines late into the evening and the whole city on water offers splendid sights. As a congress organiser and President, I am in the ambivalent situation of preferring stormy weather in order to keep participants in the auditoria, yet as a proud resident of Stockholm, I also want to share my love for this attractive city. I hope that a compromise can be achieved by combining a few days of intensive scientific information exchange with some time for relaxation and touring in the Stockholm archipelago - with its unique attractions and its 50,000 islands, most of which are actually accessible to anyone with a picnic basket and a swim suit – you only need to hire one of the many white steamboats!

Obesity is an illness that has an effect on roughly sixty million folks in the U. S. , where girls are particularly influenced.

Over one in three of ladies of ages between twenty and 74 are overweight, lots of them being Afro-American or Mexican American. With more pre-packed food and less activity, the amount of overweight folks in America has gradually increased since the 1960's. But what's obesity? Many folks think obesity means an individual is chubby, but that is not precisely right. An fat person has a surplus quantity of weight that includes muscle, bone, fat, and water. An fat person has a surplus of subcutaneous fat.

 Most health pros concur that a person is fat if he has over twenty-five p.c fat, and a girl is overweight if she has over thirty %. Ladies physiologically have more blubber than men, so that why there is a difference in %. It is complicated to pinpoint the precise proportion of blubber somebody has, but guesstimates can be made in a considerable number of ways. First, employing a tweezer-like tool called a caliper, you can measure the thickness of skin folds on different points of your body and compare the results with homogenized numbers. You can utilize a tiny device which sends an innocuous electric current thru your body and measures your fat %. The most widely used methodology to establish if an individual is overweight is to take a look at his / her Body Mass Index ( BMI ). An individual with a BMI over thirty is believed to be fat, and a BMI over forty is believed to be seriously overweight.

There has been a strong correlation between sedentary lifestyles and increasing obesity. The use of cars, lack of exercise and internet based shopping have all contributed. For instance consumers can now even make a cash advance application without leaving their home to go to a bank, everything is completed online so there is no need to leave the house!

It is important to recollect though that BMI might be deceiving in pregnant or lactating girls and in muscly people. With body weight issues comes the elevated risk of sicknesses like hypertension, Type II Diabetes, heart problems, and breast, colon, and prostate trouble.

Additionally, obesity has been associated with mental fitness conditions like depression or sensations of shame and low self-image. Health pros say that even losing ten to fifteen p.c of your body weight can significantly lower the chance of developing these major conditions.

Additionally, many overweight folk are discriminated against and targets of insults and other oral abuse. A variety of elements , for example bad diet, absence of activity, genetics, and certain medical afflictions, cause weight nonetheless it can be conquered. One big obstruction to being more physically active is inducement and responsibility.

The social program includes an opportunity to participate in a reception at the magnificent Stockholm City Hall, allowing you to sample the atmosphere of the place where the annual Nobel festivities are celebrated.

Scientifically, the 11th International Congress on Obesity will build on its predecessors. It is difficult to predict what the hot topics will be in 2010, but we anticipate that we will have an opportunity to discuss in depth the genetic determinants of obesity as well as new treatment strategies. Childhood obesity is a rapidly developing research area and recent suggestions relating to healthy diets may provoke research we can at this time only speculate about. We are confident of developing an exciting and challenging programme!

On behalf of all of us working on the scientific and social programmes, I would like to extend a warm welcome to Stockholm in July 2010.

Stephan Rössner

President, 11th International Congress on Obesity