Our Work

We don’t wait for change, we create it. Together, we’re building a future that supports those struggling with addiction and lends strength to their loved ones and communities by advocating for change, providing resources, and taking action to prevent and defeat this horrible disease.

Advocating for early detection and effective treatment coverage

80% of patients who need behavioral health care seek it in a primary care doctor’s office. We advocate for bringing care to where the patients are, identifying needs early, and making sure treatment is covered. That’s how patients recover.

Educating medical professionals and ensuring access to lifesaving medication

Only 6% of the 1.3 million medical professionals in the U.S. prescribe a lifesaving medication. We’re making sure providers are trained in addiction care and expanding the availability of medications for addiction treatment.

Build a national coalition

ICO2010 will bring together a core group of Partners and Coalition Members who can generate an outsized impact and sustain momentum over time by implementing key actions. This coalition will help reach a tipping point where thousands of institutions are implementing stigma-reducing actions and working alongside those with lived experience to create evidence-based change.